I’m proud to serve as Climb’s Senior Sales Leader with over fifteen years in the real estate industry. I have sold over $600 million in residential real estate and built a reputation for customer-focused sales leadership in San Francisco.

I have extensive experience in a variety of property transactions on both the buyer’s and seller’s sides and collaborate with brokers, attorneys, contractors and the real estate community at large. My relationships with sellers, buyers and developers allow me to leverage market knowledge and experience in negotiating and surmounting challenges.

As a Top Producer in 2010, 2011, and 2012, my reputation is built on putting clients first by being responsive, consultative, collaborative, ethical and honest.

Community is important to me. I’m a member of San Francisco Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors and active in SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association), SF SAFE, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Jewish Vocational Services, SF Bicycle Coalition and Panhandle Park Stewards.

Originally a Connecticut Yankee, I’ve lived in San Francisco for 16 years and my interests include family, urban planning, yoga, surfing, and gardening. I’m fortunate to have traveled to over 30 countries and reside in the Upper Haight.

Let me know what I can do to assist you.



“My wife and I had the luck and opportunity to work with Sean on our first home purchase. Let me just say, I couldn’t be happier. Sean was always patient with us as first time buyers. He hand held when he needed to, and warned us when he thought we were making the wrong choice for us. I can’t say it enough – when you are in a first time stressful situation, it is important to have a trusted voice in the room that can take a step back and say, “This isn’t the house that we talked about 3 months ago, this isn’t the house that you got excited about last month, and I think that you should slow down and think about it.” So, to end, Sean helped us find a house that we love by being a great real estate agent and an excellent, trustworthy human being. I couldn’t recommend him more to you, and I hope that you do choose to work with him and get the place that you wanted.”
Boone & Lori

“Sean and his team were great to work with. He really advocated for us during the negotiation process and it was evident that he was invested in the process and in our best interests. Sean took the time to thoroughly explain the various parts of the process that were new to us as first-time homebuyers. Once we found the house we wanted, Sean made sure our best interests were being represented. Thanks for all of your work on this!”
Adrian & Lupe

“Sean was there for us, guiding us every step of the way, from constructing offers for various properties to dealing with the seller who was less than cooperative. A big thank you to Sean Sullivan.”
Marek & Aldona

“Sean and Team Sullivan were an absolute pleasure to work with. Sean was very responsive to our questions and concerns and always got back to us within a few hours. My wife and I told Sean what we were looking for in terms of a home and he provided invaluable feedback when we ran a few choices by him. Additionally, Sean was also very forthright about concerns that he had. For example, he voiced his concerns about our then current mortgage broker and his ability to perform on the loan. He then referred us to a mortgage broker contact of his who got us a pre-approval letter in 2 hours instead of the 2 weeks that it had taken from our then-current mortgage broker. Furthermore, Sean talked my wife and me out of a property we were about to put an offer on because it didn’t fit within the criteria that we set out. We were very concerned with downside protection of our prospective home. Sean let us know that the particular area that we were looking at was hit particularly hard during the downturn. My wife and I had a great experience with Sean.”
Anthony & Suzy

“Sean was so great guiding us through what turned out to be a very difficult escrow period (we went 16 days over the 30 day escrow period due to problems in underwriting). We called and emailed Sean numerous times daily and he was always so patient and helpful. I really don’t think the sale would have closed without him. I would absolutely recommend Sean to anyone!”
Suzanne & Bruno

“It was a pleasure to work with Sean during the entire process, from his home-buying class we attended, to placing an offer, and then finally closing escrow last week. He is very knowledgeable, explains everything thoroughly and answered every question I had. My wife and I were new to the home-buying process in San Francisco and had a lot of questions during the entire time. Sean was very helpful in answering all of them, and provided sound advice when I asked for it. At the end I had learned a lot about the process and we found and bought our dream home. Sean was there every step of the way and was very prompt with answering emails and phone calls. My wife and I are very thankful for Sean’s hard work and I highly recommend Sean.”
Don & Leslie

“Sean has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s courteous, prompt, and very responsive to communications via email or phone. Most importantly, his judgment calls on various properties have been spot-on. I’ve been working with him for a while, and I highly recommend Sean.”

“Sean was about the best real estate agent I could hope for. I was ready to submit offers at many places, but after listening to my criteria, Sean recommended the building with the unit that I ultimately decided to purchase. I am extremely happy with the unit. But Sean’s help didn’t stop there: he was crucial for negotiating a great deal on the place. Also, even though I shopped around for mortgages at a number of banks, Sean’s contacts (also at highly reputable banking and insurance institutions) gave me the lowest interest rate, so I decided to go with them and haven’t had problems. As a first time home buyer, Sean was instrumental in patiently explaining and driving the process while we were in contract. And with all of this I can say that Sean’s a super nice friendly guy. His advice was always valuable, but not once did I feel like he was being pushy. I’m lucky to have had him as my agent.”

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Sean. He was incredibly responsive, tolerated my newbie first-time-buyer questions, and ensured that all the details were taken care of. I have friends who are using full-service agents for their home purchases, and in my opinion, Sean and the team provided better more pleasant service and information than my friends agents. He always went above and beyond to accommodate my last-minute requests and naive questions. Thanks!”

“Simply put, Sean was wonderful. We were really pleasantly surprised by the service, knowledge, experience, etc. that Sean exhibited. He was prompt with his replies and his real estate acumen was obvious. Although we weren’t complete real estate novices, the whole process is nonetheless daunting and Sean was able to help us easily comprehend what was happening each step of the way. Additionally, despite the fact that my wife (Seattle) and I (SF)were in different cities during the transaction (not to mention that our purchase involved a 3rd party, my brother-in-law), Sean was able to seamlessly orchestrate all of the various signings, authorizations, confirmations, etc. as if we were all in the same room. We expected (or at least hoped) that Sean and team would be SF real-estate savvy and experienced. In both respects, they exceeded expectations. And, it was a nice bonus that they had a good sense of humor and were fun to work with. It might sound like I’m a shill for Sean but I’m really just a satisfied customer.”
Adam, Megan & Cameron

“Sean was great. He helped us put together our offers and kept us rational on price, while still bidding aggressively enough to get a home we really wanted. He was all over the somewhat flaky listing agent during the closing process and helped keep us all moving along. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sean to a friend.”
Dave & Jaime

“Sean was fantastic to work with. He’s knowledgeable, trustworthy, frank, quick to respond, patient and a great advocate for his clients. He was easily the best part of our home buying experience.”
Joe & Jill

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